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July 27, 2009


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surety bonds

Your net worth statements tells you all you need to know about your financial situation.Updating your net worth statement will benefit you greatly so that you will see the changes that have happened since the last time that you have made your net worth statement. This will keep you more in tune with what is going on with your finances.

surety bonds

Because of our economy, many mortgage brokers were making increasingly risky loans to borrowers and engaging in fraudulent lending practices simply to get an edge on the incredibly competitive home loan market.


Your net worth is a snapshot of your financial life at one moment in time, a single number representing your financial health. It’s the total of everything you’ve earned and spent until today.

Double Glazing

Some states require the same exact bond form and bond amount for brokers and lenders alike. The majority of states will require a larger bond for lenders.


Tax is to impose a financial charge or other levy upon a taxpayer by a state or the functional equivalent of a state such that failure to pay is punishable by law. Everyone is obliged to pay for taxes because we are the ones benefiting from it anyways.

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